MSD Animal Health: This is the place to be for animal-related businesses

MSD Animal Health has been active in Brabant for 70 years. After all this time, the global leader in animal vaccines still sees ample opportunity for growth. In 2018, the company started building an advanced production facility in Boxmeer to meet growing demand for its products. Site Director Philip Grose: “We have had strong ties with Brabant for many years and we are enthusiastic about the prospect of further expanding our footprint in the region.”

18 March 2020

MSD Animal Health, a division of U.S.-based Merck & Co., is dedicated to preserving and improving the health and wellbeing of pets and farm animals by preventing, treating and controlling diseases. The company, which traces its roots back to the late 1940s, offers a wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, parasiticides, vaccines and health management solutions. With more than 6,500 employees in 50 countries, MSD Animal Health generated $4.4 billion in global revenue in 2019.

1,700 people

The new facility will be part of MSD Animal Health’s production network of animal vaccines in the Netherlands, which also consists of the existing facilities in Boxmeer and De Bilt. The company also has a presence at Pivot Park in Oss, a campus that offers life sciences businesses state-of-the-art facilities to help them grow and innovate. In total, MSD Animal Health employs almost 1,700 people in the Netherlands, who work predominantly in production and research and development.

A hotspot for animal-related businesses

The vibrant ecosystem for animal-related businesses is one of the reasons why MSD Animal Health keeps expanding in Brabant. The region is also home to global players including Marel Poultry, Nutreco, Hendrix Genetics and food giant Danone. Site Director Philip Grose: “With so many large players around, there’s a lot of knowledge and expertise. When we are looking to do product development or solve particular issues, there are many people that understand animals and the agricultural environment that we work in. This gives us much more speed in finding the best possible solutions to improve animal health.”

Its long history in Brabant offers many more benefits. “Over the years, the companies in our ecosystem have grown together with us in knowing how to manufacture pharmaceutical products for animals, which helps us increase our efficiency and deliver the highest possible quality. And thanks to the excellent infrastructure and the proximity to major ports and airports, it’s also a great location for us to reach our global market.”


Warm and welcoming

Moreover, the company’s presence in Brabant also makes it easier to attract the talent it needs to sustain growth. On average, MSD Animal Health adds about 100 jobs a year in the country. Grose: “Boxmeer is located in the Netherlands, where the level of education is very high. We benefit tremendously from the expertise and know-how that’s available at the universities in Nijmegen, Utrecht, Wageningen and Eindhoven.”

Grose, who’s originally from the UK, would warmly recommend Brabant to expats. “I really enjoy living in this region. It offers a fantastic recreational natural environment, a very warm and welcoming culture and many world-class companies where you can do great work.”