Wipro Technologies sees market potential in Brabant’s “Brainport” region

In 2012, Wipro Ltd. - a global IT, consulting and outsourcing company - signed a multi-year agreement with a large company in Brabant. As a result of this strategic partnership, Wipro Technologies now also operates out of Eindhoven, Brabant. The region, known as the “brainport” of the Netherlands, stimulates and cultivates innovation across a variety of sectors, including, amongst others, the high tech, automotive, and semiconductor industries.

14 October 2019

The ease of doing business in Brabant is great. The ecosystems available in Brabant are very useful as they facilitate access to a pool of highly-educated people, infrastructure and a network of subcontractors. Furthermore, the availability of facilities for expatriates, such as housing and international schooling, make life much easier. The multilingual aspect of the region is also very important for us, and the High Tech Campus is a well-equipped and vibrant working location.

Timo Fine - Wipro Europe

Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus, and Brabant’s market potential for business growth particularly attracted Wipro to the province. The highly innovative region hosts a solid base of original equipment manufacturers and first tier suppliers, creating an optimal environment for partnerships and facilitating business processes. Providing business process outsourcing services to the semiconductors industry, and product-engineering services to the automotive sector, Wipro now employs over 200 employees in Brabant.

Despite the economic downturn in recent years, Brabant has maintained a strong and attractive investment climate for foreign companies looking to establish or expand their interests in Europe. In addition to its innovative climate, Brabant offers foreign investors a strategic location between the key port of Rotterdam and major European markets, as well as a strong environment for sales, services, logistics, manufacturing and research and development. Brabant currently hosts 1500 foreign companies employing 100,000 workers.

According to Fine, Wipro’s relationship with BOM Foreign Investments has been key to the success in establishing their operations in Brabant:

BOM adds value by facilitating access to local institutions and pro-actively linking us to business leads, potential partner connections and employee candidates as well as local networking events. All these are extremely valuable for Wipro

Timo Fine - Wipro Europe