Formula E 2022: Eindhoven has pole position

Eindhoven is in the race to offer Formula E a podium in 2022. If we are lucky, electric cars will be racing on the street circuit in the heart of the city during the Dutch E-prix, an equivalent of Formula 1, but for electrically powered cars. The driving force behind the initiative is the Formula-Eindhoven Foundation. Businesses, government and the municipalities Eindhoven and Helmond support these plans.

10 December 2020

Strong coalition

“In the last couple of years, we have worked hard and forged a strong coalition”, states Peter-Paul Laumans of Formula-Eindhoven. “This has reinforced the negotiations with the organisation. We are not there yet, but quite far already. We are in pole position. “Unfortunately, it’s not known yet when the green light is given, nor what the circuit in Eindhoven will be. “Everything has to be arranged, we don’t want to get ahead of things.”

“By bringing the event to the Netherlands, we offer Eindhoven a place on the world stage. This is not only good for the city, but for the region as well”, says Laumans. “It’s for good reasons Brainport was recently announced as the ‘smartest’ region in the world, and we can confirm that. We are building the future here.”

Formula E is based on three pillars: innovation, technology and durability, in which the ‘launching partner’ Evoke also sees opportunities. This company recruits and coaches young professionals in areas such as technology, construction and logistics. Director Mark Verhaegh: “Everything that durable technology has to offer comes together in Formula E. It’s where new materials, technologies and software for electric cars are rapidly developed. Incredibly interesting for technical professionals and upcoming talent. Take ‘Evoke Rally’ for example, where mechanical engineering students build their own electric vehicles and race each other. It’s a smaller version of Formula E. Truly beautiful.”

When it comes to motorsport, Formula E is well on its way to find a connection with Formula 1. Not surprising, according to Laumans. “Electric cars have become more popular in the recent years. While car manufacturers withdraw from Formula 1, Formula E is experiencing the opposite”, says Laumans.

Source: Groot Eindhoven