Greek company Aratos HAPS settles down at Gate2 in Rijen

On May 1, 2020, the company Aratos HAPS signed the lease with Gate 2 in Rijen, Brabant. Based in Rijen, the company is working on a high-tech platform that should enable data collection from the stratosphere. CEO Peter Tjia: “Brabant proved to be well suited for the development and further elaboration of this idea. I know that with this type of innovation, you will need collaboration between the public and private sector. And support, so you know that what you develop is also embraced. In the Brabant region, a lot is happening in the field of Aerospace and the range of knowledge makes this the perfect place for us.

24 September 2020

The plan for the High-Altitude Platform Station systems originated in Greece. For the development and further elaboration of this idea, the Netherlands, and ultimately Brabant, turned out to be better suited.

The knowledge of other companies at this location makes this the perfect place for us. You are able to get together quickly and seek local cooperation with both public and private parties in the region.

Peter Tjia - CEO, Aratos HAPS

The Brabant Development Agency, in collaboration with Midpoint Brabant, supported the company in the search for a suitable location. It also played an important role in bringing all relevant parties together.

Roland Grimm, Program Manager at BOM: “Aratos HAPS is a great asset to the Brabant region. The company will become a driver of innovation in data collection from the stratosphere. In addition, Aratos also intends to set up a HAPS ecosystem on Gate2, in which the test and development facilities will be brought under a foundation, so open innovation can take place. In the short term, Aratos HAPS will employ around 30 employees, 25 of which will focus on R&D development. In the search for talent, they will work closely with Avans University of Applied Sciences. Starting this school year, the university of applied sciences will collaborate with the Gate2 location. Everything comes together in Brabant. These are great developments in the region. ”