The entire Agrifood value chain is represented in Brabant, from primary production to animal genetics and from vertical farm to wholesale. This applies to the entire sector as well as to sub-chains. And together they are proof that what really sets it apart is the unbeatable combination of representatives of the traditional agricultural sector with those of the high-tech sector.

Brabant has all the ingredients to develop innovative, sustainable food systems and market them far beyond the borders.

Alternative Proteins are essential in the food transition

To provide the growing world population with sufficient protein in the future, the transition from animal to alternative proteins such as algae, seaweed or insects is indispensable.

Brabant has the perfect combination of the strengths of a fully-developed traditional protein value chain – both animal and plant-based – and the innovative power of high tech disruptors in concepts such as ‘protein breweries’, ‘vegetarian butchers’ and state-of-the-art insect breeders. For example, companies like Protix, Royal Cosun, BioscienZ and The Protein Brewery are active in R&D of alternative proteins in Brabant.

Brabant has a special position in the Netherlands. Almost 50% of the insect breeders are located there. Protix is a great example, as it’s the market leader in scalable insect breeding and located in our region.

Because Brabant is a densely populated agglomeration with a high pressure from the agri-food sector on the living environment, there is a lot of pressure to develop smart solutions with minimal impact on people, animals and the environment. And as these problems are increasingly occurring elsewhere in the world, this creates opportunities to use our high level of knowledge for this purpose.


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