In Brabant we are working hard on sustainable food systems to ensure that there is sufficient quality food for everyone in the future, with respect for our living environment. Companies in Brabant are involved in process technology and optimization, maintenance and inspection, services, handling machines, packaging machines, air treatment and climate control, system cabinets, control equipment and – again – the full supply chain with regards to parts and components. These dedicated innovators aim to make food production as sustainable as possible.


The Foodtech sector in Brabant has the largest share of jobs in the Netherlands, accounting for 34.4%. In addition the region shows the largest growth in companies with 24.9%.

The Foodtech cluster in Brabant offers companies the perfect combination of a fully developed traditional protein value chain – both animal and vegetable – and the innovative power of high-quality tech disruptors such as ‘Protein Brewery’, ‘Vegetarische Slager’ and state-of-the-art insect breeders.

Why Brabant excels in Foodtech

  • Food Tech Brainport, Campus Almkerk, Agro & Food Cluster Nieuw Prinsenland

  • Excellent research bij HAS, JADS, Holst and TU/e campus

  • Intense cooperation agrifood and foodtech

  • Adaptive collaborative culture

Our ecosystem – leading companies & ecosystem locations

  • Ecosystem locations
  • Leading companies

  • Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

    The university is involved in, among other things, using new extraction and drying techniques and digital food processing.

  • Holst Centre, TNO, IMEC

    Is an independent open-innovation R&D centre that develops generic technologies for Wireless Autonomous Sensors and for Flexible Electronics.


  • ByFlow

    The market leader in the world of 3D food printing, based at the High Tech Campus.


  • Tummers Food Processing Solutions

    The market leader in food production lines.


  • Marel

    It’s the global headoffice and R&D centre for all of Marel’s poultry processing activities.


  • Food Tech Brainport Helmond

    Food Tech Brainport brings together technology providers, food processing companies and talent.


  • Pascal Processing

    The first and most complete European one-stop shop for HPP (new preservation techniques.

  • Bodec

    A leading innovator in Agrifood driving innovations and experiments in which colours, flavors, protein and fibres can be used for food applications.


  • KSE Process Technology

    Specializes in weighing systems and smart automation software for the animal feed industry.

Den Bosch

  • HAS Expertise & Research Center

    Distinguishes itself in the Agrifood educational sector because of its focus on working together with farmers and the food industry.

  • JADS Applied Research Lab Data & Agrifood

    Offers data science bachelor and master programs, PDEng education, professional education and help organizations shape their data driven future.

Foodtech in Brabant

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