Kyoto University and Fraunhofer IMS create next level photonics

Japan and the Netherlands have had a special relationship lasting over 400 years, one that is still thriving to this day. During that time the countries have both grown to become global players in the fields of innovation and technology. Brabant will always welcome players from anywhere in the world, as evidenced by the number of foreign companies present in the province. Our partnership with Japan means an exciting exchange of high-quality ideas revolving around technology, research, and innovation. For many years Japanese investors have played a major role in the Netherlands, and in particular in the province of Brabant.

16 November 2022

The Brabant region is happy to welcome a unique project developed by the highly endowed Kyoto University and Fraunhofer IMS. The newly created project “Next Level Photonics” combines two powerful photonic technologies: Kyoto University’s extremely spatially focused, color and temperature stable laser diodes (PCSEL) and Fraunhofer IMS’ single photon sensitive photodetectors (CSPAD). This combination forms an ideal symbiosis for use in active, optical distance measurement and are considered drivers for new solutions in compact, imaging 3D sensor technology. The researchers’ goal is to make any form of optical bundling or transmitting and receiving optics superfluous.

The technology is very progressive and can play an important role in a number of sectors in which Brabant excels. One of these sectors is the Automotive sector. It is becoming increasingly important to measure distances between vehicles in an accurate and fast way. This is what the LiDAR technology from Kyoto University and Fraunhofer IMS can offer.

This unique LiDAR technology was exhibited at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and now has been transferred to the Automotive Campus. With this set up, people will have the opportunity to experience the LiDAR technology from Kyoto University and Fraunhofer IMS.

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM), High Tech Campus, Automotive Campus and Jakajima are very honored to have supported Kyoto University and Fraunhofer IMS in bringing this technology to the Brabant High Tech ecosystem. A true triple helix collaboration between government, knowledge institutes and companies.