Ponders End International (PEI) secures further European expansion

The internationally and worldwide operating PEI from the United Kingdom invests in Brabant, the Netherlands. The company is opening its warehouse at the Borchwerf Business Park in Roosendaal. This established and leading wholesaler of sportswear, sports shoes and accessories heads for further expansion in the European market. It is expected that the current number of twelve employees will increase to thirty plus within the next 12 months.

15 December 2021

European access

BOM (Brabant Development Agency), REWIN and NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) guided and assisted PEI in their establishment process. PEI already generated a significant and important part of their turnover from Europe and Brexit was an important reason for opening a warehouse, distribution centre and office in the Netherlands as a portal for Europe and beyond.

Suitable premises

The availability of a warehouse with sufficient expansion options was decisive for the choice of location in Roosendaal. From here, further distribution across Europe of well-known and emerging brands takes place.

The building on Bosstraat is approximately 3,000 m2, 8 metres high, and the total plot comprises more than 13,000 m2. “It was this external area that was important,” says Jon Bourn, Project Director at PEI, “as it offers the desired opportunities for possible onsite expansion, further investment and local career opportunities . We are going to have the building expanded further in the short term to twice its current size; subject to all necessary consents and approvals from the Municipal”.

The property fits in perfectly with our needs and, above all, offers opportunities for the further growth that we want to achieve. The organizations involved provided us all the help we needed at all times. I and my organisation are delighted to have chosen the West Brabant region.”

Jon Bourn, Project Director at PEI