The Brabant Agricultural sector makes great impression at Chinese conference

A representation of agricultural companies from Brabant made a great impression during the 7th Conference for International Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CITTC 2020). During this two-year conference, this time online and offline, agrifood was one of the central themes. World players from Brabant such as Hendrix Genetics, Merck and Agrifirm presented themselves in the online Brabant Technology Roadshow on Livestock Breeding and Processing. And there was a lot of interest.

7 December 2020

VDL Agrotech was one of the companies that presented themselves to the Chinese public during the roadshow. The agricultural branch of the Van der Leegte concern scores internationally with products for poultry farming. During this roadshow, the company presented RescueCare, a new product for pig farmers. And there are quite a few of them in China … But what is RescueCare? We asked sales manager Jos Vlemminx.

Vlemminx: “RescueCare is a feeding system for newborn piglets. The system is fully automated, meets the highest hygienic standards and prevents piglets from losing too much weight after birth. It also prevents the mother animals from becoming exhausted. It is still a niche market for us, but we expect a lot. ”

Was VDL Agrotech already active in China?
“95 percent of our turnover is created abroad. A modest part of this comes from China, especially from poultry farmers to whom we supply turnkey projects. With RescueCare we are entering a completely new but promising market. China is currently very dependent on pork imports. This causes all kinds of problems because of corona. There is a lot of interest in products that contribute to the country becoming self-sufficient. ”

What are VDL Agrotech’s biggest challenges in the Chinese market?
“The same challenge applies to every new market. If you can show that you have a good system, you can build from there. ”

Did your participation in the roadshow help you?
“It was the first time that VDL Agrotech and BOM collaborated. It was a valuable experience. It was also the first time that I gave a presentation without seeing the reactions. That was new to me and very educational. The presentation was followed live in the plenary room. It was well filled. That is why it is difficult to estimate how many people have listened. I was able to tell my story. That is the most important. The first step on the Chinese market has been taken!”

The Brabant Technology Roadshow on Livestock Breeding and Processing was attended by some 200 Chinese lifestyle experts and professionals. The online meeting was organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Brabant Representative NBSO Nanjing, Brabant Development Agency and the Province of Noord-Brabant. Participants in the road show were Hendrix Genetics, Topigs, VDL Agrotech, Stienen, NEDAP, Merck, MS Schippers, Agrifirm, Vion, Sonac and HAS Hogeschool.